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Medical Imaging Units

Accreditation for Medical Imaging Units

International Accreditation Board IAB Accreditation scheme for Medical Imaging Units is strictly built as per ISO 15189:2012.

ISO 15189:2012 delivers the specific requirements for quality and competence that are specific to medical imaging Units. The standard encourages global harmonization of medical practices. It safeguards the health and safety of patients and healthcare providers. The Imaging Units are the key associates in health safety. Imaging results influence 75% of medical diagnoses. Quality of imaging service is the main issue which directly affects the quality of health care. The clinical Imaging as a whole has to provide the best patient care encouraging excellence. The International Standard ISO 15189 delivers requirements for competence and quality of medical laboratories and Imaging Units. Accredited Units enhance credibility and competency of their testing services. It contains all of the requirements for a medical laboratory’s quality management system, as well as the technical requirements used as the basis for confirming a medical laboratory’s competence to perform specific medical tests. Accreditation also helps Laboratories to meet National regulatory requirements. The Scheme is under revision presently and updated scheme requirements will be available shortly.

IAB Accreditation

Documents for Accreditation

If you are interested to apply for IAB Accreditation of your Medical Imaging Units in accordance with ISO 15189:2012, please send an email at info@iabaccreditation.com to request the following documents for Accreditation.

Please read Specific requirements for Medical Imaging Units.


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